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  • Pannier Update

    on Apr 24, 08 in News by with Comments Off on Pannier Update

    Can it really be true? Is the design really finalised? Is there really a sample final prototype currently being sewn? 

    No pics yet, but stay tuned, and maybe even hold your breath!
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  • Awning spotting – High St Northcote VIC

    on Apr 18, 08 in News by with Comments Off on Awning spotting – High St Northcote VIC

    As you may or may not know, Ron is a dedicated awning spotter. As he flies across the country/cityside he carefully notes all the awnings of interest. As a special initial image in this awning showcase, he’s found an old and battered awning made from multiple old Brella colours.

    You will never see anything of the like again.
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  • Come visit us!

    on Apr 17, 08 in News by with Comments Off on Come visit us!

    Come visit us at the Shirt and Skirt Market (details in the column to your left). We’ll be there on the 3rd Sunday of April, May and July. We won’t be there in June because we’ll be exhausted after our Going Green Expo marathon (also on your left). 

    We’d love to see you there.
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  • Girl shapes v’s guy shapes

    on Apr 11, 08 in News by with Comments Off on Girl shapes v’s guy shapes

    Ron’s discovered a wierd thing (although perhaps it is a widely known fact) . Guys don’t like square bags, but will wear a rectangle bag. Girls will happily wear either.
    Is there some mystical fashion rule in a dusty old book on Giles’s library shelves that we should know about?

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  • Hi

    on Apr 10, 08 in News by with Comments Off on Hi

    We’ve just uploaded images in our shop of the new A4 Bag. There’s 7 or so colours and all have a reflective stripe, zippered full width pocket, rear book pocket, 2 little side pockets (for your phone and baby spoons etc). It’s also our first shoulder bag that is pretty much rain proof. And all delivered to your door (within Australia) for $110. 

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