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Cushion Covers

We make covers for cushions.

We make custom cushion covers, just send us the measurements of the cushions or foam you’d like covered.

We’ve covered cushions for:

  • cafes
  • festivals
  • caravan refurbishments
  • inside and outside of peoples homes
  • performances
  • decks

Most of the time we’ll get you to supply or specify the fabric as the world of upholstery fabrics is huge and everyone has varying needs and tastes, but we can give you directions for your search.

Before you buy your fabric get in touch with us so we can advise on the suitability for your intended usage and quantity required.
We can now also supply 50mm seating foam cut to size for your covers, although this would be for local customers as foam can be expensive to transport due to its size.


Email: hello@industrialsewingworkshop.com

Email your enquiry

1972 Caravan refurbishment, dining area


1972 Caravan refurbishment, sleeping area








Speculative product


Very comfy Deck lounge chair

633red-butterflyMusical Performance


calico covered foam633x400bricks-piles

First Aid class




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Orders are now closed for 2017. We'll be back on deck mid January. Have a great break!