We make really useful, colourful things.

  • racksack2
  • Giant tool roll
  • giant tool roll
  • padded pilgrim bag
  • padded pilgrim bag
  • canvas gear bag for musician
  • canvas gear bag for musician

Custom Bags

Here at Industrial Sewing Workshop we have a special interest in bag making, in fact not just bag making, but making it easier to carry anything. We make a few bags for cycling, garden and home, you can see these in the Shop, but we are also interested in making your custom bags when there is little else like it available.

Examples of custom bag making include:

-seriously sturdy bags for tyre maintenance equipment
-very beautiful leather clutch bags for fashion accessories designer
-custom tool rolls for chefs, kids, artists

gear bag for globe trotting musician

musobag musobag-inside

















well padded bag for globe trotting pilgrims

paddedbag-inside paddedbag-exterior


Climbing gear bag, the Rack Sack by Climb Design











Giant Tool Roll for a local kindergarten
toolroll-kinder toolroll-kinder-process



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