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Monkey Bar / Crash Mats

Any size. Any shape. Any time!

Heavy duty canvas, vinyl, drill cotton in colours of the rainbow combined with a myriad of belt and bindings can really make bespoke monkey bar and crash mats exciting. Call us to discuss your requirements.

The image shows a re-covering job we did for Castlemaine Kindergarten. Rather than the Kinder having to buy expensive new crash mats covered in PVC, we made new covers with Melbourne made canvas. Made in 2011, the canvas has stood up to kids playing and jumping and flying and landing for several years now.


So you’ve got an idea but you need someone with industrial sewing skills to help you turn it into reality. Well that’s us. Take a look at our FAQs first and then email or call us to to talk through any other questions you’ve got.
Email: hello@industrialsewingworkshop.com

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