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Canvas Repairs

We provide a service for people of Castlemaine and surrounds who need canvas repairs. We believe items that can be repaired, should be repaired and not thrown away. Sometimes the economics of this gets a bit fuzzy, but it’s always worth a chat and a look. We specialise in heavy duty and unusual fabrics — please take your clothing repairs to the excellent alterations people in Castlemaine.

Sometimes you might only need:

  •  a piece of velcro attached
  • a loop of webbing sewn on
  • an eyelet put in just the right place.
  • Chairs that live outside usually need replacement parts. Sometimes that’s a new cushion cover, a quick stitch line with our UV resistant thread or a new part sewn to fit.
  • Zips can be a bit tricky to replace or fix, but sometimes they are really simple.

Bring them in and we’ll take a look.

If you are handy around the sewing machine, sometimes it might make sense dollarwise if you do the bulk of the work and just bring the bulky parts to us for our heavy duty machine.

  • Things we can extend the life of are
  • trampolines
  • ute toneau covers
  • bag straps.
  • deck chair canvas replacement
  • shade sail repair
  • eyelets
  • tarps

Helping out our local school with repairs to their stilts












These deck chairs were not designed to be repaired — a very solid aluminium frame was let down by a poorly designed seat that degrades very quickly in the weather. We gave the chair a greatly extended life by sewing a new seat attachment.



A trampoline bounces back to life with a few repairs to the mat



Horse Rug Repairs Flyer

horse rug repair - long

canvas horse rug repair, this one well over a metre long

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