FAQs – prototypes

Want to get something made?

We’re sure you have questions for us. We’ll definitely have some questions for you. Such as:

— Do you have a prototype made?
— Do you have any drawings with measurements?
— Have you tested the prototype? (ie the process is a little way down the track)
— Do you have materials sourced?

Things we might need to help you with your project
— a sample to see your idea in 3D, and/or
— basic drawings to ascertain size and proportion
— samples of materials you would like used.
— images of similar items or details you’d like to emulate

Ways to make the process less expensive
— make as many prototypes yourself so you know the level of complexity involved
— prototypes also let you know if the idea of the product works
— source your own materials. (some are simple for us to source, specialist fabrics etc will need to be found by you)

You will need to usually get 3 or more prototypes made before a product is suitable to manufacture, and that is often for something really simple. For example:
— the first prototype lets you know if the idea is at all possible and points to possible problems as well as solutions. The first is usually not very pretty to look at (!)
— the second prototype will aim to resolve some of those problems and may use materials closer to the type you are aiming to use. This version can be used for some basic testing
— the third version will also refine measurements, materials  and some finer details. Visually the 3rd prototype will be much closer to your original idea

During the prototyping process, thought is given to the eventual manufacturing processes to be used.

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