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It was lovely to meet you

The Sustainable Living Festival -what a weekend it was. Seeing those massive crowds of people interested in how to make changes to their lives and find ways out of old habits is very inspiring. We met alot of fantastic people and Ron is now part of a great many more cycled journeys. Thanks so much for your support.
Bicycles and human powered transport this year was well covered with; 
-Bike Town organised by Melbourne BikeFest;
Trisled and Gette Electric Bikes and RonDSwan at the exhibitor market;
-“Bike City” was an inspiring forum hosted by Charlie Pickering with Adam Bandt, Rob Adams (City of melbourne) and Pip Carroll (BikeFest) all of the belief that a more people-centric (bicycles and pedestrians) city is not too far away. Rob thinks that when Mums get on their bikes with kids, that’s when the tables might begin to turn. That double drop-off can be seriously less stressful on a bike.
We spoke to a great many people, some of whom travel 20km on a bike every day but don’t consider themselves cyclists. This is what the new people-centric culture will be about, labels will not apply. It will just take a good many of us to step up and make a few changes in our own lives.

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