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Cathy Parry portrait - Made to Last book

Meet the Maker #1 — Cathy Parry

Meet the Maker is the ISW Interview Series where Cathy Parry talks to other makers about their process and how they keep traditional knowledge and skills relevant for today. Most importantly she asks, ‘Are they passing on their knowledge to anyone else?’.

The short story. I’ve been sewing in this business for 12 years and am still in love with the structural properties of canvas. I’ve committed to finding out what I don’t know (and need to know) about sewing and looking for ways to know it. I make things to really last and am on the long slow journey of learning leatherwork, working with hand and machine. I teach my sons by osmosis, as I figure they are my best students right now. I know I’m on a good thing when my youngest describes himself as “a maker”.

Cathy Parry sewing stuff

Cathy Parry sewing stuff

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