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Meet the Maker #3 — Usethings

Meet the Maker is the ISW Interview Series where Cathy Parry talks to other makers about their process and how they keep traditional knowledge and skills relevant for today. Most importantly she asks, ‘Are they passing on their knowledge to anyone else?’.



Tim Preston and Debbie Taylor are the usethings design team.

A Bachelor of Industrial Design and a trade-qualified Shipwright, Tim combines rare knowledge of traditional methods and materials with a modern, cutting edge sensibility. Debbie is a design and building  consultant who loves to be a medium for the exchange of ideas in a project.

Tim makes the buttons for our Arrietty Bag from the sugar gum offcuts of his coat racks. He also sharpens my tools sometimes, they also have a great little shop in town. Usethings is also their great little store, where they have held mini workshops on knots, knife sharpening and darning.



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