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  • Tyre Swans, Bicycles and French Toast: presentation

    on Aug 11, 08 in News by with 1 Comment

    Cathy is giving a short presentation at:

    post post: here it is on You Tube:

    The Sustainable Cities Round Table on
    Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Tuesday 12 August night, 6 – 8pm
    Copeland Theatre, Economics & Commerce Building
    University of Melbourne
    RSVP by Friday 8 August to rsvp@sustainablemelbourne.com

    The challenge of climate change presents many opportunities for new sustainable ventures. Entrepreneurs working in this space are able to creatively develop innovative solutions that have environmental, social and economic benefits, yet like all entrepreneurial ventures it is not without risks. At this Sustainable Cities Round Table we will showcase examples of proactive entrepreneurs who have taken this step and bravely gone where no mainstream business has gone before!

    The evening will feature a series of short presentations, musical interludes, networking opportunities and more!

    Olivia Davis, Sprinkla magazine;
    Nick Savaidis, Etiko Fair Trade;
    Mitch O’Sullivan, Waterwall Solutions;
    Kevin Huang, BinIt!;
    Alexi Lynch, the Environmental Jobs Network;
    Cathy Parry, Ron D Swan: Bags and Cycling Accessories;
    Bruce Rowse, CarbonetiX;
    Cam Hines, Mountain Goat Brewery;
    Wilson Lennard, Aquaponic Solutions;
    Elizabeth Boulton, Logistick – Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions; and
    Aldo Penbrook, Central Victorian Carbon Auditing Service.

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  • glimpse into our workroom

    on Jul 17, 08 in News by with Comments Off on glimpse into our workroom

    Chris has just made a beautiful new cutting table that just fits into our canvas storage room. It’s cold in there, but nice. The fabric is a great vintage stripe that will make into a pannier for you to ride around with soon.

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  • pannier prize winner

    on Jul 15, 08 in News by with Comments Off on pannier prize winner

    We’ve finally drawn the prize winner for a commuter pannier from our competition the ran at the Going Green Expo 08 and the HomeBiz Expo 07. We’ll be contacting our winner and sending out a pannier.
    Floyd did a great job in picking the winning slip of paper. Thanks Floyd.

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  • Cathy at Going Green Expo on You Tube

    on Jun 16, 08 in News by with 1 Comment

    Here’s a video on You Tube taken by Roger Carthew at Going Green Expo. Cathy isn’t used to being interviewed on video.

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  • 10 reasons you might like a Ron D Swan pannier

    on May 23, 08 in News by with Comments Off on 10 reasons you might like a Ron D Swan pannier

    1. It’s made in Australia using at least 70% reclaimed materials
    2. It looks 100% better than any other pannier
    3. It has the most innovative attachment system on the market – made for your comfort 
    4. It has a comfy shoulder strap that has a great hideaway position when you ride away.
    5. A front pocket big enough for your wallet, keys, phone – all the little things you don’t want to loose
    6. a large interior – fits an A3 folder
    7. inside is lined with a pvc offcut, this gives you your second line of defence against water invasion
    8. 9. 10. a whole lot of other reasons I can’t think of right now
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  • pannier colours

    on May 23, 08 in News by with Comments Off on pannier colours

    Well here are a few pictures I’m very glad to post. These pannier colours will be the initial available ones, with more to follow in future – but these are here to stay for a little while. First in-person opportunity to buy will be Going Green Expo in only 2 weeks time.
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  • RRR interview

    on May 21, 08 in News by with Comments Off on RRR interview

    Cathy was interviewed last night on the RRR “Along for the Ride” podcast show. Listen to it here. Or listen to past shows. Learn a little more about what Ron’s all about.

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  • Awning spotting – High St Northcote VIC

    on Apr 18, 08 in News by with Comments Off on Awning spotting – High St Northcote VIC

    As you may or may not know, Ron is a dedicated awning spotter. As he flies across the country/cityside he carefully notes all the awnings of interest. As a special initial image in this awning showcase, he’s found an old and battered awning made from multiple old Brella colours.

    You will never see anything of the like again.
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