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Butterfly Chairs

A new product in the Industrial Sewing Workshop nest is The Butterfly Chair. This one has been a little different process-wise as it’s been a real collaboration and test to see if we (Lizzie Geddes and I) could produce a chair entirely in Castlemaine. We even had the brilliant storyteller Claudia Rowe (Atlas Jones and Co of “the Bums” fame) make a film that documents the process.

Cathy, aka “the sewing mistress” also makes custom covers for any butterfly chair, from any generation. Send her your granny’s frames’s measurements and you can finally sit in that chair again!
Find the Custom details here.

custom sized butterfly chair covers

custom sized butterfly chair covers

ISW_Finished covers











































TBC_liz in gardens

Visit and watch the video

This is a replica of the famous BKF or Hardoy chair produced by the Austral Group (Buenos
Aires, 1939). The designers were Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan.
It’s affectionately known as a butterfly chair. In 1950 Knoll relinquished the manufacturing
licence and discontinued production.Since then there have been loads of replica
manufacturers worldwide, of which we are just one.

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