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Vintage Canvas

Over the years (and there has been several of them in our lifetime) we have collected vintage canvas. And then some! As opposed to modern canvases, the vintage stuff is made from 100% cotton, ages more beautifully and of course the designs are just more interesting. All our vintage canvas is printed on the front, and the reverse is always green. Go figure.

We have found new canvas that is up to 40 years old and is still in perfect condition. This canvas was forgotten in the corner of a factory, waiting to be rescued. These are usually the really colourful designs we have. The vintage canvas is all cotton and was grown, woven and printed in Australia. It is also extremely rare, hence the price difference in the products.

New  and Reclaimed Canvas

Our new and new reclaimed canvases are used as bag outers and liners. All plain colour bags are new canvas, cotton/polyester. Some of the fabric we choose is woven, dyed and proofed in Melbourne, others are woven in India then dyed and proofed in Melbourne. Striped and vintage canvas is heavyweight (12oz) poly/cotton and is, for the most part, bought as offcuts or roll-ends (either no use, or of very limited use to larger industry and therefore in danger of ending up on the scrap heap).


Below you will find a selection of the canvases we have in stock. The colours in the photos are an approximation. The combination of flourescent lights and and iPhone make for a little bit less than true results. We can provide a tiny wee sample should you truly want one. We do make a charge for the sample service as once a roll of our vintage canvas is gone, well, you know. Modern canvas comes in standard blue, black, orange, green, pink, purple and dark grey.

You can find out how we use the materials listed below by clicking on the links:
> Leather
> Webbing
> Plastic buckles
> Metal Sliders
> Zips
> Reflective Tape
> Foam
> Bicycle Spokes


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