We make really useful, colourful things.


Spats, short for “Spatterdash” keep you warm, keep rain out of your shoes and multiply your wardrobe possibilities endlessly, transforming your great shoes and ankle boots into long boots.

All leather, quick zip on and off.

Basics and extraordinary leathers and colours.

Spats are custom sized to your legs and made to order with your choice of leather (please allow 2 weeks from payment to dispatch)

Nicknamed “The Castlemaine Spat” , they’re great for cycling, walking through the bush, keeping your legs or just plain old looking great.

Historically, spats were worn by men (and a few women) when riding their bicycles to keep mud and water splashing onto their shoes. They were usually made from cloth and were buttoned. Personally, we think the zip closure is more suitable.


These are a made to order item, please contact us with the information below:


Let us know what colour leather you’d prefer.

Measurements you need to send:
1. Whilst standing up: your calf at widest point
2. Your ankle
3. from the centre of your ankle bone up to where you would like your spat to finish.

Also, have a think about how you’d like to wear them for example over leggings or over pants and we’ll have a talk when you order about your custom size.














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