Spare parts – Commuter Pannier


Sometimes you need a spare part for your pannier, perhaps an extra hanger set for a second bike or your bungy cord needs replacing. See below for a more detailed description of parts




Hanger Set

The full set of parts for your commuter pannier to attach to a second bike. Included:

-instruction sheet
-2 x prongs
-2 x hooks
-2 x clamps
-1 x separator bar
-4 x nuts/bots
-1 x anchor set (mudguard washer, bolt, nut, spring washer)

Anchor set

Replacement mudguard washer, bolt, nut, spring washer if this has wiggled loose form your bike

Instruction Sheet

Digital download if you’ve misplaced your instruction sheet

Pannier hanger installation instructions Part 1 (download)
Pannier hanger installation instructions Part 2 (download)

Hanger Bar

Inserts into webbing loops on the back of the pannier. Some people find that over time these get bent out of shape. If it’s not to bad, you can pull it out and squash it back into shape in a vice.

Bungy Cord

1 x 50cm length of 6mm bungy cord. This is the loop at the bottom of the pannier that holds the bag close to the bike. Over time this wears out and needs to be replaced.  We can send you out a replacement cord, or if you don’t use the cord that sits just above the hanger bar you can unknot that one and use it down the bottom as they are cut the same length.

To replace it, just open the back of the bag (where the shoulder strap lives) , put your hand down to the bottom and you’ll have access to the eyelets. You make a double knot one end and put the cord through the centre hole, then thread back though one of the other holes and roll down another knot so the loop is the correct length for your rack.

Other parts

You might find you need a replacement prong, hook, clamp or bolts. purchase these separately as needed. Download an instruction sheet to match the terminology to the part you need.
If you just need a replacement bolt, we use M5 Stainless Steel bolts that are 20mm long with a button head.

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