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Tyre Swans, Bicycles and French Toast: presentation

Cathy is giving a short presentation at:

post post: here it is on You Tube:

The Sustainable Cities Round Table on
Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tuesday 12 August night, 6 – 8pm
Copeland Theatre, Economics & Commerce Building
University of Melbourne
RSVP by Friday 8 August to rsvp@sustainablemelbourne.com

The challenge of climate change presents many opportunities for new sustainable ventures. Entrepreneurs working in this space are able to creatively develop innovative solutions that have environmental, social and economic benefits, yet like all entrepreneurial ventures it is not without risks. At this Sustainable Cities Round Table we will showcase examples of proactive entrepreneurs who have taken this step and bravely gone where no mainstream business has gone before!

The evening will feature a series of short presentations, musical interludes, networking opportunities and more!

Olivia Davis, Sprinkla magazine;
Nick Savaidis, Etiko Fair Trade;
Mitch O’Sullivan, Waterwall Solutions;
Kevin Huang, BinIt!;
Alexi Lynch, the Environmental Jobs Network;
Cathy Parry, Ron D Swan: Bags and Cycling Accessories;
Bruce Rowse, CarbonetiX;
Cam Hines, Mountain Goat Brewery;
Wilson Lennard, Aquaponic Solutions;
Elizabeth Boulton, Logistick – Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions; and
Aldo Penbrook, Central Victorian Carbon Auditing Service.

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