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  • Bike Polo World-Champs-To-Be supported by Ron D Swan

    on Jul 21, 10 in News by with Comments Off on Bike Polo World-Champs-To-Be supported by Ron D Swan

    Ron is delighted to support the Bike Polo team “polocalypse now” Tali, Rob and Virginia on their way to the Berlin World Championships in August. We just dropped of their “signature edition hand luggage” (Ron’s A4 bags) with Bill at Human Powered Cycles (who are also supporting their quest). We’ll keep you posted on their successes.

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  • Ron’s garden thoughts

    on Jul 5, 10 in News by with Comments Off on Ron’s garden thoughts

    Ron’s been thinking about his garden again, now that it is a huge pile of clay (yet with plenty of earthworms). So he thought he’d re-post his How-to-make-a-tyre-swan how-to.

    For those of you who are really really interested, Ron has initiated this blog dedicated to Tyre Swans. He’d love your input.

    Thanks to Jenny and Karen for their pics.

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  • offcut arrival

    on Mar 29, 10 in News by with Comments Off on offcut arrival

    Thanks go out to our secret supplier for the latest pickup of offcuts. There is so much thrown out in industry, and it is surprisingly rare to find a manufacturer who is willing to put their discards aside. I’ve spoken to managers who say they throw their offcuts out, and there is no opportunity for that to change.
    These offcuts will go into pockets and other items yet to be dreamed up. When we get quite a bit of a certain something we never expected, it really gets the ideas going and you never know what will result.

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  • vintage canvas 101

    on Mar 12, 10 in News by with Comments Off on vintage canvas 101

    Ron touts vintage canvas in his range of Pannier and shoulder bags, but what does he mean by this?

    (original colour names: fresco yellow, fresco green)

    The canvas in your vintage bag is between 20-40years old but in pristine condition. It was sourced from a factory that had a hideaway corner and a manager that couldn’t throw anything out (we like his style!).
    Some of that canvas is the end of a roll, some is from an awning that was made up for a customer but then rejected for some reason (eg it might not have fit properly).
    The canvas made at that time was all Australian made cotton. They are often very bright or highly patterned (not just linear).

    (original colour names: Wrought Iron Mandarin, Brella p95 “fruit shop” design)

    These patterns were discontinued in the early 1980s when presumably people became more boring.
    Ron is an avid awning spotter and the bags pictured have been seen on houses recently.

    (original colour names: Madrid Ming, Brella p223)

    In whatever form this canvas came to us in, one thing remains: once it is gone, it’s gone. Unless of course we are very lucky and find another stash in another enlightened managers’ factory.

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  • favourite pannier colour returns

    on Mar 8, 10 in News by with Comments Off on favourite pannier colour returns

    Ron has one of his most popular pannier colours back in stock. As you know, due to the nature of reclaimed fabrics, they sometimes disappear for a while, then reappear with much excitement (from us anyhow). The colour is called Blue/Grey.

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  • pic from a customer

    on Apr 23, 09 in News by with Comments Off on pic from a customer

    Thanks Renata for this cute picture of one of our original Shopper panniers, taken on Wilson St bike super highway, Sydney.

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  • Ron moves out of home

    on Apr 20, 09 in News by with Comments Off on Ron moves out of home

    Ron has finally grown up and moved out of home – into a little factory in Castlemaine. We’re excited. And we have our house back. Actually, we have no idea how we did without all this space.

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  • Ron welcomes his newest team member

    on Jan 16, 09 in News by with Comments Off on Ron welcomes his newest team member

    Meet Rolph, Ron’s newest team member. He arrived last week very late for work, but luckily Ron is a very understanding boss. Floyd his brother has been assigned to give Rolph basic training.

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  • Ron’s moved!

    on Nov 8, 08 in News by with Comments Off on Ron’s moved!

    Ron has packed up his nest and flown up to Castlemaine, Victoria. From now on, Ron will operate his business permanently from here.
    There are plans for next year to have a factory outlet. Until then, he hopes you will visit his stockists, persist with the website or call (0402 870 469) if you wish to inspect Ron’s products or purchase anything.

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  • Thank you Bicycle Victoria

    on Aug 21, 08 in News by with Comments Off on Thank you Bicycle Victoria

    Many thanks go to Bicycle Victoria for their donation of old (yet nice and clean) pvc banners. They are being made into quite a number of pannier liners and pockets.

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